Executive Summary of report

In general, controls over the complaints management process were found to be operating effectively. The main weaknesses identified relate to the need to implement a formal audit process in order to ensure that all complaints about the police received at local command areas are properly identified and that complainers are responded to in a manner that gives them a clear understanding of how the constabulary has considered and addressed their complaints about the police. That the standard of work completed at local command levels and the central command level is subject to a continuous improvement programme of audit and oversight.

We have, therefore, made recommendations to address these and other issues which, if implemented, will enhance control over the complaints management process.

In order to assist the constabulary and Northern Joint Police Board in using our reports, we apply an overall assurance level that considers the weaknesses highlighted in the Executive Summary and detailed in Chapter 3 and Annex A of this report. The assurance level for Complaints Management in Northern Constabulary is as follows:

Substantial Assurance*

Northern Constabulary to make changes following PCCS Audit - Full report

Further to this report in October 2009, a follow up audit has now been completed to assess the force's progress in implementing the recommendations. To read more please click here>>>