Executive Summary of report

This report, prepared in response to the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland's general functions, contains both findings and recommendations that he considers are necessary or desirable, to ensure that everyone who has a problem or issue about an aspect of police services that they have used or come into contact with,

  • knows how to complain if dissatisfied,
  • is confident in the independence of PCCS to provide an impartial assessment and

review of how the police investigated and handled their complaint.

On the whole, the core management controls were found to be operating effectively. If however, Police Bodies are to develop a more inclusive and accessible approach, it is important that they become more responsive to complainer feedback and identified needs.

In order to assist Police Bodies and the public in using this report, the Commissioner applies an overall assurance level indicative of the issues raised. The assurance level for this assessment is as follows:

Substantial Assurance

Essentially a sound approach but with weaknesses that put some objectives at risk.

Public accessibility to police complaints handling "essentially sound" - Full report