Tips for making a complaint

When making your complaint to the police organisation:

  • Put your complaint in writing to the police organisation concerned.  Head the letter "Formal Complaint" and address it to the Deputy Chief Constable who has overall responsibility for complaints about the police.  Click here to find the address of the police organisation to write to

  • Try to be clear about what it is you are unhappy about.  Tell the police organisation what happened, who was involved and what your specific complaint is

  • Tell the police organisation what you would like to happen as a result of your complaint, for example, an apology or change to procedure

  • If you need help writing your letter of complaint you could ask a friend or family member, speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau or contact a solicitor

  • Keep copies of all correspondence you send to and receive from the police organisation.  Try to keep a note of all contact you have with the police organisation, including telephone calls and meetings

  • If you are unsure how the police organisation will deal with your complaint you can ask it to tell you about its formal complaints procedure

Click here for more information on making a complaint about the police.