Our performance

It is important for public bodies to continuously strive to improve the service that they provide to their stakeholders.  To do this we need to monitor and evaluate our performance to ensure that we performing in line with standards, getting optimum use from our resources and ensuring best practice.

The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland (PCCS) uses a Balanced Scorecard to measure performance.  The Balanced Scorecard is used to translate our mission and strategy into a set of performance measures.  These measures provide a view of the overall performance of the organisation and allow us to assess our progress in achieving our goals.    

Through our corporate and business plans we have identified our objectives and translated these into strategic actions.  The objectives set out in our Corporate Plan 2010-2013 were derived from the legislation that set up the PCCS and the Scottish Government's National Outcomes.  Taking into account these objectives, performance measures were developed across four perspectives - business effectiveness (to be successful what business processes should we be good at), improvement and development (to be successful how will we sustain our ability to learn and to improve), PCCS relationships (to be successful how should we appear to our key stakeholders) and PCCS operations (to be successful how should we appear to those who provide our financial resources).

These reports contain the balanced scorecard and accompanying commentary and additional supporting statistics.  We will undertake a review of the performance management report every six months, taking into account feedback received from stakeholders.